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MEGACOM was created by Taiwan Company - Sperry Corporation since 1977.
We are mainly in game field more than 40 years and have designed many unique products.

Wish you to enjoy our latest designs – Catchmon !

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SPERRY CORPORATION established in Taiwan since 1977 and as long as a traditional businessman in Taiwan. With 40 years of business experience, especial and professional in the following products : 

Such like Tele-communication, PC and video games products.
The company dealt with Sakhr - Al Alamiah in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to support the famous student computer - MSX system  . Oul products have also hit the store shelves in Jarir bookstore (the biggest 3C chain stores in Saudi).  We have been doing business with many companies world wide for video game accessories up to now. 

we are mainly in PS4/PS3/XBOX 360/XB1 parts and accessories. We process very professional know-how especially in controlling the quality of goods inspection.

In such long experience of consumer electronic, we provide total solution of ODM service. (including software, firmware, hardware layout, ID design , Mold and final production) and also offer sales service (including sales, shipping and warehousing)

There are many owned design products as well. 

We have our own brand -  Megacom